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Alexandrite Real Estate Ltd is home to a select group of experienced REALTORS® dedicated to the pursuit of excellence while offering agency to those transacting in real estate in the Greater Victoria area. Providing transparency and value at all times is our mission. Our community of independent agents have been selected through rigorous competency assessments, ethics screening, and peer vetting. 

The quality of our agents in combination with our knowledge and technical abilities to market homes with the cooperation of organized real estate and nationwide REALTOR® networks pave the way for maximized returns on our clients' most valuable real estate investments. 

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Renovate Your Current Home, or Buy Another One?

Mark Salter describes an analysis on whether you are better served renovating your existing home, or buying another one to better meet your needs.

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Are BC Tax Assessment Values Accurate for Home Pricing?

In this video Managing Broker Mark Salter shares his experiences with BC Tax Assessment values and how they relate to the eventual selling price of real estate in the Greater Victoria area.

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New Ban on the Purchase of Residences by Non-Canadians

In this video Jessica Salter shares her research on whether Canada's new 'Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act' is likely to affect market dynamics in the Greater Victoria area of British Columbia.

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